Delica | Stop & Smell the Coffee | About Us
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About Us

If Science is defined as the study of the unknown, Coffee surely deserves a department of its own. There is an intriguing ingredient in Coffee that seems to magically slow things down, lifts our spirits, and gives us a welcome boost.


Here at Delica, we believe we have discovered and successfully extracted this elusive element, aptly codenamed ‘Relax’. Each sachet of Delica contains generous servings of this secret substance, that is easily activated with hot water.


Boss gave you an earful? No big deal. Had a bad day? Not the end of the world. Got caught in a 2-hour jam? Could be worse. Just remember that no matter how your day’s going; a mug of piping hot Delica Instant White Coffee with its bold and uplifting aroma is all you need to nudge things in the right direction.